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Game FAQ
Q: The visual effect doesn't work, what's wrong?
A: Many variables go into causing the visual motion after-effect. Usually it depends on where you're focusing during gameplay and how long you focus for. Try these tips if you don't happen to see the effects:
  • Look away from the screen when your run is over. The point of the visual effect is to affect what you see in real life, not the video game screen. The details screen that proceeds your run will not exhibit these effects very well. Things you should try looking at when your run is over:
    • Patterns, such as wallpaper or floor tiles.
    • Shelves and other hollow furniture. Shelves with books, DVDs, or anything at all will exhibit the effects very well. If you have a TV display stand with a hollow area for the TV, that works well too.
    • Anything! Try looking at anything because different sights will display the results better than others. Try playing the game at an art museum or public park.
  • Live longer! Motion after-effects usually occur after 30 seconds of focusing, so make your runs count.
  • Play on a bigger screen! If you're playing on a mobile device, try playing on a tablet. Skibs is available on various Google and Amazon TVs, as well as desktop computers running Windows, MacOS, and Linux.
  • Don't alter your focus frequently. I know you usually have to look ahead to see where the path will go, but if you are skilled enough to focus in one area (usually at or just above the ship), the effects will be more noticeable. 

To learn more about motion after-effects, check out this Wikipedia article.

Q: Sometimes the game lags during gameplay and I lose when it wasn't my fault. What gives?
A: Android phones (and maybe iPhones) are notorious for having customizations that can increase battery life, but stops external processes in the background. If you have an energy saver or battery optimizer app on, it may be slowing down the game. The game also tends to lag when the phone is downloading files or updating apps in the background. If you know your phone is updating apps, downloading a software update, or running lots of background services, let it finish before playing the game.

Q: What do the abbreviations mean?
A: SF = Ship Fade, WF = Wall Fade, SB = Speed Boost, SG = Ship Growth

General FAQ
Q: What platforms is Skibs available on?
  • Skibs is available for free on mobile Android devices and Google TVs running OS 4.1+. You may download it here.
  • Skibs is available for $0.99 on iPhones and iPads running OS 9.3+ and is available for purchase here.
  • You may purchase Skibs for your Windows, Mac, or Linux computer for as little as $1 at
  • Skibs is available on Amazon FireTV for $1.
  • If you have an OUYA and point its config to Cweiske's OUYA Store, you can download Skibs for free.
  • Skibs may have a future release on Apple TV. Be sure to follow us for news regarding Skibs!

Q: What does the Android purchase grant me?
A: You will have the option to activate a second life without having to watch an ad. Ads after a game will also be removed. If your purchase doesn't work, please contact Steven Hanus at with the receipt transaction ID so that he may investigate its failure.

Q: My question wasn't answered here, who can I talk to?
A: Please contact Steven Hanus at

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Anonymous said...

I’m using the latest version of iOS (recently updated but problem was persistent in both versions). I’ve completed the challenges for Level 2 but it does not advance to the next level. Also, once I die, if I press the home option it gets stuck on the loading screen.