It's Been A Long Time

It's been a longtime since I've posted or updated the website. I want you all to know that I'm still making games and have actually recruited others to help me out. My team and I released a game on the Steam platform back in January and are working on the mobile port right now! It's called Juno's Journey and you can learn more about it on its website here. We'd really appreciate it if you at least check it out, and if $5 is too expensive for you please be patient because we are planning on making the mobile version free with advertisements. We will be updating the Games page to showcase and link to it, but we have been busy focusing on development more than marketing. Thank you for supporting us and please stay tuned!


We got Featured by Apple!

Within the first two weeks of being out, Apple ended up featuring Skibs! We ended up getting 600+ sales because of their promotion. To try to determine what the cause was, I did a deep-dive analytical video on the design of Skibs. You can view it below or on YouTube.


Preview on Touch Arcade

Yesterday we had the pleasure of being previewed on Touch Arcade. They said "Skibs seems like it'll be an interesting twist on the established infinite runner genre." We are proud to hear some positive reception so please check out the article here and be sure to pre-order on iOS here.