Thursday, April 28, 2016

Drake - 10 Bands - Design Decision: Music

Quality Reduction/Editing:

To get the sound bytes desired, I found a copy of the song and imported it into Audacity. There are eight different sound bytes used taken directly from the song "10 Bands". That doesn't include the gunshots firing sound byte I took from the song "Energy" or the song "10 Bands" itself. When exporting from Audacity, you most likely want to use the Ogg Vorbis codec as it is widely used on multiple platforms and has great compression. You can also choose the export quality (the lowest setting for this project). Lesser quality will create bytes that are smaller in size and because this is a mobile phone game, the quality is not nearly as important as if watching a High Definition movie.

When and Why?:

The 10 Bands, 50 Bands, and 100 Bands bytes are used before starting their respective level. During the level the full song plays in the background. If you collide with a phone it will play one of two sound bytes regarding Drake not using his phone. If you collide with a sleeping person, one of two sound bytes will play regarding Drake not "trippin'" and letting other sleep or rest in peace. Because there are two different phone sound bytes and two different sleeper sound bytes, I flush booleans to the app preferences saying which sound byte was played last regarding their respective reason of loss. This way the other one will always be played, even if you leave the app. You'll never hear the same death sound byte twice in a row. Before playing one of the collision bytes, I play the gunshots clip from the beginning of the song "Energy." I thought it was a nice way to tell the player that they just lost haha.


No. Of course I included options to turn off both the sound and music individually. These bytes get old fast and some people might find this game easy, but some will have difficulty. I know they don't want to hear gunshots endlessly. I even included a "locked" setting regarding the music. If you beat the second level you can utilize that setting.

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