Monday, February 22, 2016

Spread Eagles: Refactor the Base

I added moving targets on both horizontal and vertical planes. I'm a lil tipsy so I've had to retype some of this. Nonetheless, I've refactored some of the base actor classes related to these new objects, and got to school myself in the importance of inheritance. super() is like a super hero, and this() is like super on a constructor in its own class... Who knew? (Lots of people, just not me :P) Anyways, with these base classes added, this "rail-shooter" is coming along nicely (I just learned today that the genre of game I'm making here is called a rail-shooter, and I'm taking lots of ideas from previous games of the same genre). Alright, I'm going to bed before this gets messy. I'll post new screens this weekend! I'm looking at a preview of this blog post and I can't stop looking at our logo. It makes me horny.

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