Sunday, February 28, 2016

Spread Eagle: Power Up Demo Video

I've made lots of progress on my current video game! I spent a lot of time updating classes and restructure the architecture, but hopefully it will speed up level development. There were plenty of bugs to fix regarding targets animating incorrectly (and there's a bug in this video if you look closely). But once all of those were fixed, adding more items to the level happened to be much more interesting.

This video shows:
  • Different items that can get hit
    • Non-animated and animated targets
    • Targets that fall over when you hit them
  • The power up effect given when you hit a mushroom
  • Different sounds/music I'm using

Some quick facts:
  • I'm trying to finish this game before April, because of thew time crunch there will probably be only one level.
  • The thumbnail of my video is the same thumbnail of Death Grips music video for the same song. I also named the video the same as theirs, hopefully it tricks people into seeing my video.

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