Monday, February 1, 2016

Spread Eagle Cross the Block Weekend Update

I'm working on a game based off of Death Grips. It's called Spread Eagle Cross the Block and is about throwing eagles out of a car as MC Ride. If you're a fan you'll already know that Spread Eagle is a song off of their debut mixtape Exmilitary. The song is about sex and drugs, per the usual Death Grips themes, but I wanted to make a literal version off of the title of the track. I think it's coming together rather nicely. I was having some issues with the orthographic camera as it was making MC Ride's sprite appear as the buildings do. This weekend I learned about Scene2d and made a separate stage and a separate camera for Ride's sprite. The separate camera is setup the same as the main camera, but I don't project new sprites through that one. Essentially, Ride's sprite stays the same and looks like a skin or UI Widget that you don't interact with. Since I have fixed the issue with him and made the target icon appear directly where I click, I can now focus on getting the eagles to move from the bottom of the screen to where the player clicks. And don't think clicks means this is a desktop only game. I'm making the game in LibGDX so I do plan on releasing it on Android and iOS as well. I also hope to do a short tutorial series if all goes as planned. Here's a screenshot of what it currently looks like on my Android device:

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