Sunday, February 28, 2016

Spread Eagle: Power Up Demo Video

I've made lots of progress on my current video game! I spent a lot of time updating classes and restructure the architecture, but hopefully it will speed up level development. There were plenty of bugs to fix regarding targets animating incorrectly (and there's a bug in this video if you look closely). But once all of those were fixed, adding more items to the level happened to be much more interesting.

This video shows:
  • Different items that can get hit
    • Non-animated and animated targets
    • Targets that fall over when you hit them
  • The power up effect given when you hit a mushroom
  • Different sounds/music I'm using

Some quick facts:
  • I'm trying to finish this game before April, because of thew time crunch there will probably be only one level.
  • The thumbnail of my video is the same thumbnail of Death Grips music video for the same song. I also named the video the same as theirs, hopefully it tricks people into seeing my video.

Monday, February 22, 2016

Spread Eagles: Refactor the Base

I added moving targets on both horizontal and vertical planes. I'm a lil tipsy so I've had to retype some of this. Nonetheless, I've refactored some of the base actor classes related to these new objects, and got to school myself in the importance of inheritance. super() is like a super hero, and this() is like super on a constructor in its own class... Who knew? (Lots of people, just not me :P) Anyways, with these base classes added, this "rail-shooter" is coming along nicely (I just learned today that the genre of game I'm making here is called a rail-shooter, and I'm taking lots of ideas from previous games of the same genre). Alright, I'm going to bed before this gets messy. I'll post new screens this weekend! I'm looking at a preview of this blog post and I can't stop looking at our logo. It makes me horny.

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Spread Eagle Cross the Block: Power Ups

Some quick updates for Screenshot Saturday:

  1. If an eagle is going left, it is pointed left now instead of right.
  2. Added the moon from the True Vulture music video onto the background stage (yes another stage).
  3. Added features for when a power up is gotten. Currently the power up feature (colorful background and faster driving speed) is triggered when the clock is hit (it wont be a clock in the final version, trust me)
These were just some quick changes for Screenshot Saturday. New stuff may be added tomorrow if I find time around the Super Bowl.

Here's a gif for you:

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Friday, February 5, 2016

Spread Eagles: Eagles on Point

On Wednesday there was a Google Developer Group meetup in Detroit. It was quite interesting and really inspiring. I felt so inspired, I pulled out my laptop and started working on Spread Eagles some more. During my time at the meetup I started to get the eagles to appear on screen. I had them following a path that would go to where you clicked, but for some reason they just kept going to the right, never the left. Turns out it was because I was still using the backdrop level camera as the stage for the eagles. Know what that means? I had to move all of my eagle code into a different class and make my own stage for them. At this point there are three different stages. One that holds the backdrop level, one that holds Ride's sprite, and one for the eagles to fly on. Later after the meetup I successfully got the eagle stage finished and had eagles flying the correct way. It was tedious, but necessary. The next day (yesterday) I tried to get the eagles to check collisions with the backdrop level. This was difficult for me. I was coming up with a rather lengthy algorithm for checking eagle coordinates against level coordinates. Why I didn't think about reprojecting the vector position from the eagle stage and unprojecting it from the level stage beats me, but that was the easiest solution to getting the position of where the eagle landed on the other stage. This was great because it didn't involve a lot of code, but I was still having some issues. First issue was that the level still didn't check the collisions correctly. It turns out that was because the y coordinate for drawing is always going to be upside down of the y coordinate for touch positions. Essentially, I thought I should have been checking for an eagle at 8,3, but really it was at 8,8 (my camera is 11 coordinates high so it was simple math of subtracting the y position from 11). The second problem was that sometimes the eagles were hitting multiple targets. This was because I had thrown a level together willy nilly and wasn't considering how close different hittable tiles were next to each other. After I redid the level a little bit and spread out the hittable tiles, it started to look much smoother. Next I will be building out the level to test how fun/playable it is, and I'll be adjusting speeds of both the camera and the eagles. I should also flip the eagle texture so when it goes left it actually points to the left. Here's a new screenshot:

Monday, February 1, 2016

Spread Eagle Cross the Block Weekend Update

I'm working on a game based off of Death Grips. It's called Spread Eagle Cross the Block and is about throwing eagles out of a car as MC Ride. If you're a fan you'll already know that Spread Eagle is a song off of their debut mixtape Exmilitary. The song is about sex and drugs, per the usual Death Grips themes, but I wanted to make a literal version off of the title of the track. I think it's coming together rather nicely. I was having some issues with the orthographic camera as it was making MC Ride's sprite appear as the buildings do. This weekend I learned about Scene2d and made a separate stage and a separate camera for Ride's sprite. The separate camera is setup the same as the main camera, but I don't project new sprites through that one. Essentially, Ride's sprite stays the same and looks like a skin or UI Widget that you don't interact with. Since I have fixed the issue with him and made the target icon appear directly where I click, I can now focus on getting the eagles to move from the bottom of the screen to where the player clicks. And don't think clicks means this is a desktop only game. I'm making the game in LibGDX so I do plan on releasing it on Android and iOS as well. I also hope to do a short tutorial series if all goes as planned. Here's a screenshot of what it currently looks like on my Android device: